Yemen Road, Yemen

Why don’t we hear more about the war in Yemen? Or rather, why haven’t I heard more about it? I didn’t hear about it until Samantha Bee mentioned it on her late night show. Here are some things to know about it if you’re like me and have been living under a rock: A rebel group called … Continue reading Yemen Road, Yemen

Lady Bird

Seen Lady Bird? I just watched it and let me tell you, it has me messed up. For two main reasons. Well, a few actually. For one reason — high school — ew, yuck, what a horrible, miserable, confusing time of life. For another reason, high school relationships (romantic and platonic) are so messy and there’s … Continue reading Lady Bird

Shopping for Art Online

When some people think about purchasing artwork, they think you have to visit an art gallery or attend an auction.  With the advancement of technology we can use the web to browse different works of art before having to venture to the seller.  Online art resources have existed for almost as long as the internet, yet it’s not always … Continue reading Shopping for Art Online

Who Do You Love?

Who Who do you love? Tell them every day! Don’t forget to remind your loved ones that you care about them and appreciate them. You never know what could happen and the most important thing in this life are the people who are most important, because then what else are we living for? I am grateful … Continue reading Who Do You Love?

You Don’t Have to Make People Feel Okay When You’re Not

When people go through a traumatic experience usually their closest family and friends and even acquaintances are right there to show support and send their love. Most of the time it’s very helpful and kind, but when you’re trying to recover and recuperate from whatever experience you’re going through there is this unwritten rule you’re … Continue reading You Don’t Have to Make People Feel Okay When You’re Not